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The Akin Law Group is one of the most recognized firms in the area of Employment Law in New York and New Jersey. Being a victim of sexual harassment, employment discrimination, retaliation, or being paid less than the minimum wage and/or overtime pay or prevailing wages, is a highly stressful experience that will certainly impact your income, your career and your personal life. The employment attorneys at the Akin Law Group will be your guide as you travel through the complex legal process; we will file a claim and see the process through to the end to help you achieve the justice and closure that you deserve.

All employees/workers in New York and New Jersey have certain rights that cannot be violated. These rights include a work atmosphere that is free from:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Racial Discrimination
  • Religious Discrimination
  • Discrimination based on Age
  • Discrimination based on a Disability
  • Discrimination based on Color
  • Discrimination based on National Origin
  • Discrimination based on Gender
  • Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation (actual or perceived)
  • Discrimination based on Marital Status
  • Discrimination based on Pregnancy
  • Discrimination based on Prior Criminal Convictions

In addition your boss is obligated to pay you properly.

In other words, you as an employee must be paid the minimum wage and an overtime wage that is 1½ times the minimum wage when you work in excess of 40 hours as set forth by the FLSA, the New York Labor Law and/or the New Jersey State Wage and Hour Law.  In addition, if you are working on government projects, you must be paid the Prevailing Wage

It is unlawful for a business owner, manager, supervisor, or a co-worker to sexually harass you (which is a form of gender discrimination) or to discriminate against you because of your Gender (sex), Race, Religion (Creed), Nation Origin, Color, Age, Disability (which includes Pregnancy) or Sexual Orientation. In addition, you have certain rights pursuant to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) in addition to the Wage Theft Prevention Act and Prevailing Wage Laws.  In addition, you are also protected against retaliation in the event your boss / employer takes adverse action against you for speaking up for yourself or a co-worker, or for filing a claim. You employer has attorneys on their side working for them; don’t try to take them on by yourself.

Many hard working employees face are exposed to a sexual harassment, employment discrimination, hostile work environment and, at times, wrongful termination simply because of their gender, race, religion, color etc., and feel helpless to resist or oppose their superiors.

You are not alone. The Employment Attorneys at the Akin Law Group with over half a century of combined work experience is here to assist you ever step of the way. The initial consultation is always free and fully confidential (your employer will not know that you spoke to our firm until you decide to take action.

At the Akin Law Group our attorneys will always put your interest first and provide you with the zealous and vigilant representation that you deserve. You will never be just another name or number.  We are large enough to take on the biggest defense firms, yet organized as a boutique firm where you and your concerns will always be respected.

At the Akin Law Group, you will be assigned to a designated attorney that will master your claim. You will always have the ability to speak to your employment law attorney who will be both knowledgeable and compassionate for your concerns.  Our attorneys will take the time to speak to you in great detail and learn all there is about you and the issues you are facing at work.

Even if you’re claim is not ripe and an action may not be the best suitable choice at this time, we will still guide you and inform you about your rights to make sure you are fully protected.  Our initial consultation is always free and confidential; you have absolutely nothing to lose by calling us but may seriously jeopardize your claim or even your job if you act without speaking to one of our attorneys first.

Time is a very sensitive and precious commodity when dealing with sexual harassment, employment discrimination, a hostile work environment or wrongful termination.  Allow us to preserve your claim in its entirety by calling today.

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