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Hostile Work Environment

Hostile Work Environment resulting from employment discrimination occurs when acts, comments or contact of a discriminatory nature prevent you from doing your regular work. At times, a single act or comment, depending on the end it causes, may be sufficient for there to be deemed a hostile work environment.  Many employees become the victim of a hostile work environment without even realizing they are being discriminated. Even though workplace discrimination may be very harsh at times (constantly being belittled, called absence names or actually assaulted), employment discrimination can also consist of many overt and subtle acts and words such as a person pretending to be joking or smiling while making the derogatory comments. In addition, at times workplace discrimination can start with what appears to be complementing remarks although it is highly discriminatory and offensive in nature; by way of an example, a comment such as “Jews are good with money” or “you’re a woman, you must know how to cook” are in reality discriminatory remarks and not meant to complement anyone.

If you become the target of workplace discrimination, harsh words, insults, threats, demeaning comments about your traits, or if you have been passed over for a promotion that you deserve based on discrimination, call the Akin Law Group immediately.

Examples of Employment Discrimination

The Akin Law Group is a firm recognized in the field of employment discrimination. Our attorneys are unyielding zealous advocates protecting the rights of employee in New York and New Jersey. Our firm handles all types of employment and workplace discrimination claims. A small list of the many types of discrimination cases handled by the Employment Law Attorneys at the Akin Law Group include the following:       

  • A woman terminated once it is discovered that she is pregnant
  • A Mexican worker referred to as a rapist
  • An African American worker being passed over for a promotion
  • A homosexual worker being constantly told he is a sinner
  • A gay male worker being constantly referred to as a “bitch”
  • A Muslim worker being called a terrorist
  • An older worker terminated and told “go retire”
  • A pregnant woman denied FMLA leave
  • An Indian manager only hiring Indian workers
  • A Spanish manager terminating all African-American workers and replacing them with Spanish workers
  • A manager in a construction company telling a lesbian woman employee “this is no job for you”
  • An elderly employee with a bad-back being made to stand for hours despite a less strenuous position being available
  • Taking overtime away from a worker who complained to HR that the manager was discriminating against another employee (retaliation)

Of the thousands of cases handled by the attorneys at the Akin Law Group, above is a very small list displayed as examples of cases involving workplace discrimination.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

You also have a right to seek leave from work pursuant to the Family Medical Leave Act, which entitles workers that have been employed for over 12 months in establishments with fifty or more employees to take a leave of absence for medical reasons, not to exceed 12 weeks. Any employer that denies you the leave or discriminates against you for seeking such a leave will be liable for violating the law.


Often times employees that are been discriminated at work build the courage to file a formal complaint with the Human Resources department or one of the manager.  The law entitles and actually encourages each employee to report employment discrimination.  Despite the law, some employers illegally retaliate against employees that file a complaint to protect themselves or others from workplace discrimination. Retaliation against employees filing discrimination claims is illegal and actionable. A person that engages in employment discrimination has committed one wrong act and by retaliating they are committing a second wrongful act which is separately actionable.

Even if you are wrong about the act being workplace discrimination, if you are being retaliated for reporting the harasser, you will have a claim against the harasser even if the act that you complained of was not necessarily “severe enough” to be classified as workplace discrimination.  A claim for retaliation is separate and distinct from the underlying claim of workplace discrimination.

In the event you suspect workplace discrimination or retaliation, call the Akin Law Group and put our employment layers to work for you. The initial consultation is always free and confidential. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by speaking to one of our employment attorneys without delay.

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In the event you have been discriminated at work or been retaliated for opposing workplace discrimination, you should immediately call the Akin Law Group, one of the most recognized firms in the area of Employment Law in New York and New Jersey.

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