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Wrongfully Terminated

If you have been wrongfully terminated by your employer you should immediately call the Akin Law Group, and allow the experienced wrongful termination lawyers of the Firm fights for your rights. The New York and New Jersey wrongful termination attorneys at Akin Law Group have years of experience assisting wrongfully terminated employees obtain the recovery that they deserve.

Wrongful termination occurs when an employee is fired or laid off for reasons that are in violation of city, state or federal law. The following are situations that commonly involve wrongful termination:

  • Constructive Discharge. At times your employer may create a hostile work environment, by sexually harassing or discriminating against you with such severity that you will be forced to quit your job. Although you are resigning, the resignation is not really voluntary. To the contrary, the only reason you resigned is because your employer refused to remedy the hostile work environment forcing you to resign. This type of resignation is no different than your actually firing and terminating your employment entitling you to recovery the damages that you sustained.
  • Employment Agreements. Even absent discrimination and retaliation, if you signed an employment agreement, your employer may not terminate your employment or pay you less than the amount to which you agreed.  Any violation of the agreement will be actionable where you may be entitled to past and future wages.
  • Illegal practices. Businesses and organizations cannot fire employees for taking time off to serve jury duty, vote or serve in the military, or for publicly disclosing the illegal practices of their employers (known as “whistleblowing”).
  • Breach of good faith. Some employers will intentionally fire or transfer workers to prevent them from collecting raises or commissions, mislead them about pay and benefits or terminate their employment for unjust reasons simply to hire someone else for less pay. These actions may all represent wrongful termination, so speak with an employment law attorney to learn more.
  • Fraud. In some circumstances, terminating an employee unjustly or illegally may constitute a type of fraud. This is sometimes the case when false or misleading information is provided to workers during the hiring process or when unfairly forcing employees to resign.

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